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The paint protection film (PPF) market exploded during the last years. Multiple companies are entering the arena, making it more and more difficult to benefit for those companies who helped this industry take off. We at Aucust, joined the PPF industry in 2019, as one of the few pioneers. We stayed committed to these products and followed the wonderful evolution of the PPF industry. Today we are one of suppliers of PPF in Middle East. Join the Aucust Car Care Division Team and be part of one of the most successful PPF stories in among the globe.

Aucust Pro Shield is one of the few brands in India & Middle east having a good customer satisfaction in the PPF industry. We have been through all the milestones of the PPF development in the past years from 350-micron thick films, through the first TPU base, appearance of clear coats and ending in ultra-flexible hydrophobic films. The ride was not always fun, but we could reach a portfolio that is among the most competitive ones in the PPF industry. Trainings also play a very important role in our life, our training facility and trainers are among the best in the industry.

World leading manufacturers

Aucust Pro Shield PPF products are being supplied by leading manufacturers of the industry. This gives Pro Shield the proper reliability towards their customers, which is a must if one is working with high end cars. We have a very respectful contact with our suppliers from both sides - after years of cooperation we have selected those who could provide the best quality with a reliable supply chain.

Innovation in PPF

Pro Shield was among the best in India to bring TPU-based films, the first to bring clear affordable superior quality films to India. and we also bought self healing films. We keep our attention on the industry and bring innovation first-hand to professional installers in industry. We keep all new possibilities open: the PPF market is still evolving, which makes our job very interesting.



Aucust Pro Shield works on an exclusive base with its distributors, meaning a sole representation in a specific territory. If you invest into our brand, you will be the only one to benefit from it. Our distributors are the very representatives of Pro Shield in specific territories, acting on behalf of us. Being a Pro Shield distributor is the strongest relation we have with our business partners: we work side-by-side to reach to the best partners in the territory.


Pro Shield only offers high quality, durable PPF products. Our entry level is the clear coated film, we will never go with anything less than that. Standard films like Nano and Nano Rapid both have hydrophobic features, making them competitive with even the very best products of the industry. With Pro Shield  PPF, you will be able to offer an extensive product range to your clients that they can rely on.


As well as with all other products, our marketing team has done a remarkable job that will help you to boost your sales. Pro Shield has a certificate system for installers to use, documents that make the life of installers easier, posters, banners, roll-ups, brochures, etc. Pro Shield distributors can also have their own website based on the central webpage, no need to develop your own site. With Pro Shield as your partner, you can focus solely on sales.



Pro Shield also has a central training facility where you can invite over your clients to get professional trainings in groups of 5. The training facility is equipped with different parts: bumpers, hoods, fenders, mirrors, lamps where your partners can learn multiple techniques and practice. Our professional trainers show and explain all that is to know about PPF.














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